Here at Elvi, we are passionate about making plus size clothing fashionable, accessible and appealing to the modern woman. Our designs are always fashion-led, inspired by the latest styles on the catwalk each season and the empowering women behind the plus size style revolution. This means that we are continually refreshing and growing our unique and specialised plus size clothing collections to ensure that you are always comfortable and on-trend when you are wearing Elvi.


We are proud to collaborate with some of the most inspiring figures in plus size fashion, taking our clothing collections to the next level with their edits and expert eye for stunning plus size style. Our unique, plus size blogger and fashion icon led collections are a fantastic guide for any Elvi woman looking for a little style inspiration. We encourage creativity and bold fashion choices when it comes to plus size fashion, and our collections allow you to let your imagination run wild with the styling possibilities.


To help spark your imagination, each season we put together unique edits that feature some of our best selling plus size garments. Create your seasonal wardrobe and produce key on-trend outfits that will leave you ready to impress whenever you step outside. Use our fashion edits as inspiration, or simply browse through our full plus size clothing collection to find your new favourite style. Designing a signature plus size look has never been easier thanks to Elvi.